Deep User & Market Insights over Encrypted Traffic
⋆ Privacy friendly - no packet decryption
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Market Intelligence
Anonymous user data for competitive intelligence and hedge-funds
Lawful Interception
Helping governments to detect and monitor suspicious activity at scale
Cloud Monitoring
Cloud traffic deep analysis & security for service providers and CDNs
Service Providers
Deep monitoring and QoE solutions for ISPs and mobile carriers
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AI Powered Analytics Platform
Create your own encrypted traffic extraction pipelines, powered by our cloud platform, real-time processing tap, and next-generation Neural-Network sequential architectures.
Superior AI
Our Deep Neural Networks capture the essence of traffic in real-time providing a very high level of detail.
Large Scale
Collect insights from events generated in real-time at the scale of millions of users and house holds.
Real-Time Analysis
Inference is performed on the cloud to recognize events, actions, and content within encrypted traffic in real-time.
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Custom Services
Seekuence uses it's advanced traffic processing AI platform to provide customized solutions to public and private sector customers.

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About Us
Seekuence is a business intelligence AI startup, located in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
We're offering an end-to-end solution for cloud simulations, data collections, and real-time interception. Seekuence is using state of the art Neural-Network architectures to deliver encrypted traffic sequence classification and real-time insights extraction at scale.
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